16.5 Acres In Dayton Tennessee

Second Floor Part 2 of at least 4

We had some beautiful 70 degree days this week so Wednesday the crew got SO MUCH done! 

We come right about 4:15 and they were just cleaning up for the day. And look at that - we have the start of our roof line!

Looking down the unfinished space that will be above the garage. Mike is already researching best practices when building a theater room.

Second Floor Part 1 of ???

We have spent every evening at the house. So much has gotten done this week, we are splitting it up into multiple posts - for what was done each day.

This is the photo we keep taking as we pull up to the house every time. I am excited to put these all together at the end and make a time-lapse.

They started on the framing upstairs Tuesday. This is the view from the living room. And, a peak at that staircase *swoon*

Second Floor Floor!

Or upstairs floor? Or second floor sub floor? How do you say that properly? Well anyway, we can now walk around the second floor!!! These guys can get a lot done in a day. We stopped by today as the crew was heading out and saw lots of progress. 

The joists and sub floor is done on the second floor and wall construction will start tomorrow. 

We were so excited to get out and see all the work that we forgot to take a photo from the car. So here is Mike looking at the ceiling in the garage wondering if a car lift will fit. 

Structure has begun

When we got back from vacation on Monday 2/12, we were eager to see what kind of progress was made the week before. Our builder had us front some money before we left to pay some of the labor costs toward framing, so we expected to see this started. Sure enough, the structure has begun and it's starting to look like a house! They even had both the front and back porches and garage floor completed. I'd say that's pretty good progress for only 1 week.

The problem is that we are running into the rainy season in this area. We apparently don't get snow, but just get rain. And boy has it. I see nothing but rain over the next 15 days. When it rains, people don't want to work. I don't blame them, but on the other hand, don't they want to get paid? The materials are okay in the rain, and the majority of the day it is only a couple sprinkles so I hope it is the cooler weather/rain combo than just the 2 rain sprinkles that disincentivizes the work. I digress... They've made a good amount of progress.

More Than Just Concrete

Most exciting part of my day? When we can see progress on the house from the street! Can you spot the gray foundation? This is when you have turned off the street and are just entering the property.

We pulled up today to see wood for the first set of beams and flooring supports on site. You can see me standing in the corner of the house there. You can also see our first {minor} setback if you look closely.

But first, those supports! Wood has never looked so beautiful. 

Our Footprint Has Started

This week our block got laid (lucky block - hahaha). Now that the footers are done, progress is really going to start moving forward quickly.

There are two crawl space entries. You can see one here. It will be under the master bathroom.

Standing in the Utility room looking into the garage.

It is really interesting to see all the pieces they are using to build the house and how much planning ahead must be done.

Here is the second crawl space opening on the back of the house, under the master bedroom, and I am pointing to the one you saw earlier.

"Standing" on the front porch looking into where our front door will be ish.

Living room, dining room and kitchen!

Not a lot to say yet, but soooooo excited to see more things going on every day.

Until our next update!


Footers Part Two and Three!

The footer trenches got filled with footer stuff, aka concrete, on Friday Jan 26th in the morning. By the time we both got off of work, we had to go check it out! The first couple of photos were Friday night when the concrete was still a bit soft and you couldn't walk on it yet. But every step of the way is progress closer and closer so we get excited for everything. 

The block for our foundation was also delivered this day.