16.5 Acres In Dayton Tennessee


 We've got shingles! It is soooo nice to see something coming to the house other than wood. 

Our pretty gray shingles went on over about 3 days. Above is the (mostly) finished project, but of course we took some photos along the way.

We caught the works in progress. They put down the tar paper and then shingles. And are up there with no net! That is pretty steep to me but they were walking around like it was nothing. I don't think I could ever be a roofer..

Our Decking Is Done!

Whew! The first big phase of the house is pretty much done! The roof is all in and we can really see what the final version will look like. And if you haven't gathered the feeling already, we LOVE IT!!!

Forgive us, we are going to go a bit out of order for a couple of days and have photos from multiple days of work. So many little things are getting done each day, to blog about each individual piece seemed like madness. So, here are our big complete projects!

The roof is completely in and everything is gorgeous. We haven't lost too much of the view and we have sooooo much natural light.

Let the Decking Begin!

The great room is looking... great! From this view you can see where the fireplace will be placed - Centered between the bottom two windows. We want a fireplace that is covered in stacked stone and extends about 12 feet above the floor. That'll place the top a foot or so shy of the center window shown here. Plus it will be a ventless gas fireplace insert about 36" wide; a good size for this space and no need for a chimney - Very efficient.

Here is the bonus room with it's decking installed. The crossbeams are 8 feet above the floor and although we were worried about the knee walls making the room feel claustrophobic, it feels quite nice and will feel better once the light colored drywall is in place. We've already discussed how we want this room to be used - A theater room. It's 30 feet long, so it's plenty to put a couple rows of seating plus a bar with bar stools as a 3rd row.  We will do tiered seating so everyone has a good view of the screen. It's going to be a little tricky deciding how the speakers should be mounted near the slanted walls. We'll figure it out. Also, all walls and ceiling will be acoustically sealed as good as budget will allow.

These center supports will be removed.

The Loft Wall Is In {I Repeat} The Loft Wall IS IN!!

So a bit of a fail here since I am not starting our post with a front-of-the-house view like normal, but a) I was just too excited to get inside and check out the day's progress and 2) you couldn't see much from outside anyway.

The loft wall is {almost} in and it is the piece we have been waiting for!

Look at that! Oh my! This is EXACTLY what we were hoping for and everything {just} fits. The last window to the right isn't cut out yet, but it is there. The fireplace will go in between all the windows and will just be beautiful.

Some of these views we have to capture now while we can. This is standing in the storage room. Since the roof deck isn't on yet, I can still see into the great room. All the natural light is going to be amazing.