16.5 Acres In Dayton Tennessee

More Than Just Concrete

Most exciting part of my day? When we can see progress on the house from the street! Can you spot the gray foundation? This is when you have turned off the street and are just entering the property.

We pulled up today to see wood for the first set of beams and flooring supports on site. You can see me standing in the corner of the house there. You can also see our first {minor} setback if you look closely.

But first, those supports! Wood has never looked so beautiful. 

Then I gave them the Liz test. Passed :)

And those nifty bent bolts from a few posts ago? They are holding our house to the foundation.

So here is our setback. That used to be a pretty foundation wall. This is our living room / dining room wall. We got to the site and wasn't sure if the mortar didn't set right, or if someone hit it with a truck.

 We spoke with our builder who told us the guy who came to mark the corners of the house with the GPS (I mentioned how important this is a few posts ago), was off in one corner by 5 inches. Just 5 inches!!! It threw the corner out of 90degrees, so the whole wall had to come down. He has already been out and re-set the corner and the foundation wall will be going back up tomorrow.

But we found out water...

And electricity are on and working at the job site.

Our {not-sp-pretty} transformer. We already have plans to hide this behind a bush or two. 

And since there was a new toy on the build site.

Mike had to climb aboard! I love this man.

We are off on vacation next week (It's Cruise Time!!!) and can't wait to see what they get done while we are gone. We could come back to walls!

So we will be quiet, but have lots of updates in a couple of weeks :)


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