16.5 Acres In Dayton Tennessee

Second Floor Part 3 of 4

It has been too long! We had a week of no progress on the house. It was either too rainy or our lead contractor was on vacation, or something. The good news was during this time Liz got a wisdom tooth removed and has recovered wonderfully without missing too much.

They've started on the covered porch and it feels great. Can't wait to have some coffee on a couple of rocking chairs out here. Or sweet tea - since you know - we are in the South now. 

We also had them open up some doorways to add pocket doors in a couple of places. This is our oddly shaped half bath. With a pocket door we now have room for a good size vanity.

And our master closet will now have a pocket door. We hope that will just make it feel a bit more open and even gain us some space. No one wants the spot behind the door, so now there won't be one! 

They've added the front wall above the garage. And the window that we have decided has the prettiest view! Only... it will be in a storage space for now.

And they started on adding a gable for a window in the side bedroom. 

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~Liz and Mike

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