16.5 Acres In Dayton Tennessee

Our Decking Is Done!

Whew! The first big phase of the house is pretty much done! The roof is all in and we can really see what the final version will look like. And if you haven't gathered the feeling already, we LOVE IT!!!

Forgive us, we are going to go a bit out of order for a couple of days and have photos from multiple days of work. So many little things are getting done each day, to blog about each individual piece seemed like madness. So, here are our big complete projects!

The roof is completely in and everything is gorgeous. We haven't lost too much of the view and we have sooooo much natural light.

Some of our photos are from in-between the decking being complete.

And it is really interesting to see how all the lines and supports are being tied into each other.

Keep scrolling for the finished decking photos!   

The 8 foot ceiling in the guest bedroom upstairs.

We thought we were going to get a vaulted ceiling in the upstairs bath, but we are getting the 8foot ceiling in here. It will be totally fine and there will be some places for vents to run.

Many of these photos will start to look confusing and just all wood - trust me it only gets worse before it gets better! Ha!

We did end up losing the window in the back of the loft area. The overhand they needed on the back of the house to look right would have come right into the window. Instead of making it smaller and not match anything, we just took it out. 

And here are all of our outside views from around the house.

It is pretty gorgeous and we can't wait for things other than wood to start happening!

Who has a guess for what is next?



~Liz and Mike

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