16.5 Acres In Dayton Tennessee

Let the Decking Begin!

The great room is looking... great! From this view you can see where the fireplace will be placed - Centered between the bottom two windows. We want a fireplace that is covered in stacked stone and extends about 12 feet above the floor. That'll place the top a foot or so shy of the center window shown here. Plus it will be a ventless gas fireplace insert about 36" wide; a good size for this space and no need for a chimney - Very efficient.

Here is the bonus room with it's decking installed. The crossbeams are 8 feet above the floor and although we were worried about the knee walls making the room feel claustrophobic, it feels quite nice and will feel better once the light colored drywall is in place. We've already discussed how we want this room to be used - A theater room. It's 30 feet long, so it's plenty to put a couple rows of seating plus a bar with bar stools as a 3rd row.  We will do tiered seating so everyone has a good view of the screen. It's going to be a little tricky deciding how the speakers should be mounted near the slanted walls. We'll figure it out. Also, all walls and ceiling will be acoustically sealed as good as budget will allow.

These center supports will be removed.

Here is the dormer in what will be the craft room. A pretty view out to the woods. This nook will house a comfy chair and overhead lighting for Liz to read in. Between reading and crafting in this room, Mike's not sure he'll ever see Liz again!

Here's Mike climbing the scaffolding. Probably should be climbing on the inside, but he's a daredevil and doesn't know what he's doing. This image gives a good perspective on the height of the ceiling. He's probably about 14 or 15 feet in the air.

Doing the catwalk. We'll be using this same scaffolding when we begin painting this room.

Outside view from the master bedroom side of the house. You can see the little footholds they've installed along the roof because it's a little too steep to just walk on safely when they go to put down tar paper and shingles.

Front porch view. I like the overhang of each roof line. Details like this we've never really appreciated until we see how it's done and how long it takes to do.

That's all for now. Roof should be complete with shingles next!


Mike & Liz

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