16.5 Acres In Dayton Tennessee

The Loft Wall Is In {I Repeat} The Loft Wall IS IN!!

So a bit of a fail here since I am not starting our post with a front-of-the-house view like normal, but a) I was just too excited to get inside and check out the day's progress and 2) you couldn't see much from outside anyway.

The loft wall is {almost} in and it is the piece we have been waiting for!

Look at that! Oh my! This is EXACTLY what we were hoping for and everything {just} fits. The last window to the right isn't cut out yet, but it is there. The fireplace will go in between all the windows and will just be beautiful.

Some of these views we have to capture now while we can. This is standing in the storage room. Since the roof deck isn't on yet, I can still see into the great room. All the natural light is going to be amazing.

Mike likes to go anywhere a bit dangerous. Again, since it won't be easy to get on top of the porch without a ladder again, he just had to step out and wiggle a ceiling beam.

They also added the wall to the front and haven't cut the window back out yet.

They started on the peak that will go above the back bedroom. I wonder if we can add some attic storage in there as well...

That is all for now! We will be back tomorrow with more!


~Liz and Mike

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