16.5 Acres In Dayton Tennessee


 We've got shingles! It is soooo nice to see something coming to the house other than wood. 

Our pretty gray shingles went on over about 3 days. Above is the (mostly) finished project, but of course we took some photos along the way.

We caught the works in progress. They put down the tar paper and then shingles. And are up there with no net! That is pretty steep to me but they were walking around like it was nothing. I don't think I could ever be a roofer..

We also got this cool little roof detail over the garage. We were happy to see something go in here to help break up this large space.

Once they put the vents in, you can see how they would have gone into the window that we took out of the loft.

And if there is a ladder...

Mike must climb it!

Liz did lean out of the craft room window to get a close up of the finished shingles.

This is an angle I don't think we had captured until now. You can definitely see that the main living area cathedral line is the tallest point of the house here. And that sunset has me just loving life!

We've got some more detail work on the inside coming next!

Also, our last Winter post! It is now officially Spring and the next phase of the build is starting.


~Liz and Mike

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