16.5 Acres In Dayton Tennessee

Who Knew Knee Walls Were So Fun

While the fun outside stuff was happening (see our last post about shingles) they were finishing up lots of detail items on the inside.

In the Bonus Room (or Theater Room) They added the knee walls to the sides. 


This room still feels plenty spacious for the Theater.

Then we added a Mike for scale :)
It was a bit cold this day - didn't anyone tell Tennessee this is the South!?

They also added the knee walls to the Craft Room. That is going to be the perfect window seat!

The supports have come down now that the roof is complete. It is much more open without them and you can get a better feel for the space.

And the coolest part - they extended all of our 8 foot walls up to the cathedral ceiling. We are going to have some large walls to decorate!

There is still a closet to go in the corner, but the back wall now extends all the way up and past the second floor.

From downstairs everything looks neat and clean. Everything has come together really well.

They also finished up our curved railing area. They took care to make sure it was centered in the space and had the same radius as the stairs so they look good together. We really have a great crew!

Another shot of the Theater room without the supports. 

It looks little from the road... which we kind of like. I can't wait to see some COLOR!

While all of this was going on, we also had our walk-through with the electrician. We talked about where switched would be and what would they control. He made lots of {barely legible} notes throughout the house as we went.

That is switches for the stair lights, chandelier, and can lights in the loft. 

Once the dry-in is complete, they will come start running the electrical. We also met with the plumber and did the same this week. 

Until next time - Toodles!!

~Liz and Mike

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